The Secret to Successful Goal Setting

Stop! Check this out before you make any more goals!
Don't be like everyone else; most people make their goals incorrectly. You know, like the guy down the street with the brand new jogging shoes and suit. You want to bet he doesn't make it from January to March?
The one goal that many people make is to get into shape. (A friend of mine told me, I'm always in shape, sometimes apple shaped, and sometimes pear shaped) Now be honest. How many years have you made that resolution?
With goals in hand, it's off to the gym we go!
You know it's one of those moments where you feel like you've been here before. It's time to clear the mind and hit the weights. You have a lot of toning-up to do so you walk over to the weights. And start your journey to body perfection. And by mid January you're so sore and tired you're ready to give up.
It's really bad when you start looking for excuses not to go to the gym. But hang on; a good excuse will be coming just around the corner! It doesn't matter what it is, like the man said "any old excuse will do." So yours comes and you stop going to the gym.
There's a better way than quitting!
The secret to success is not to set those big goals.
I know... everyone... and I mean everyone will tell you to write down your goals, that one big goal so you can keep it in front of you. You know the drill, put it on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, beside you bed so it's the first and last thing you see every day.
Tell me the truth. Do you really look at those big goals once you start falling behind? After a few weeks of getting further behind don't you just avoid them like the strange people that live next door?
Are you ready for a better way?
You are!
Set small, achievable goals!
Don't do like they tell you; set a goal something like "I will lose 40 pounds in three months."
The problem here my friend is when you miss the mark on the goal, you get discouraged and quit. And this is not good. If you aren't careful you will create a habit of quitting. And a habit that is let go for too long is hard to break.
For a goal to be achievable it has to become part of your routine. And to be part of your routine, you must rewire your brain.
So we set small goals, get some victories and start reprogramming the mind.
Start with something like "I will exercise for 10 minutes three days a week."
After you get your brain reprogrammed to the exercise routine, then you make incremental increases to your workout set.
You will add one more rep to a work set, or another exercise routine. A simple progression with proper performance of the exercise and persistence wins in the long run.
Then one day you will look back and be amazed at where you came from... and you will know where you're going.
Just to condense it, start small, then do incremental increases to your workout set that you properly do, and be persistent. Don't give up.

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